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AFL SDA Labels


The SDA labels are supplied in a continuous roll of 1,000 units. These labels are intended for placement on packaging surfaces (plastic, paper etc). If placed on uneven surfaces like textiles and fabric, the labels may not adhere correctly.
NOTE - Version 1 is currently being phased out, and will replaced with Version 2.

Safe, secure and anti-counterfeit


Our SDA labels are embedded with high level anti-counterfeit technology and features to assist in the prevention of unauthorised sales and counterfeit production, helping to protect licensees. A uniquely marked serial is embedded on each label, allowing the licensee to be consumer verified for authenticity.

Ordering and distribution


The AFL SDA labels are bulk produced and available in stock for immediate global distribution via our Australian and China warehouses. This will allow a quick response lead-time for your orders, together with considerable price savings across the board.

Getting started with orders


Placement of the SDA labels is via our online platform only, as all sales and serials are monitored and audited in conjunction with the AFL. Pricing on the SDA products can be found online once a successful registration is granted.


Licensees and users can submit their registration application to RAWGRADE using this form. Please allow 24-48 hours for confirmation of your registration with the AFL.

If you require terms, a 14 day credit application form can be found here.

NOTE: Submitting a registration form confirms your acceptance to our terms.

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